Tennis Coaching at Beaconhurst School

School’s director of sport

Judith Ramsay

Mark Walker and Ruaridh MacLeod have transformed the Tennis Programme at Beaconhurst School.  The school’s tennis development pathway runs from preschool right through to performance coaching in senior secondary and  Mark and Ruaridh have developed skills, enthusiasm and match play ability in our young children to help them progress and develop.  Their experience, enthusiasm and ability to develop and embed key movement patterns and skills provides a great foundation to help support the development of young players.  Sessions are led around the school day with early starts, lunchtime and after school slots both in the mini courts at the school and also in the neighbouring National Tennis Centre at the University of Stirling.

Tennis is one of our key sports at Beaconhurst and Mark and Ruaridh have helped provide a central focus with their knowledge and passion for this.  Pupil involvement in tennis has greatly increased and pathways for recreation and health, coaching and volunteering, and developing young performers have emerged supporting a lifelong interest in tennis.

Kirsty Robertson

“I have been a pupil and tennis scholar at Beaconhurst School for a year now. In that year I have taken an interest in tennis coaching and fitness. Mark Walker and Ruaridh MacLeod have actively encouraged my interest and I have been shadowing them at Beaconhurst. I enjoy learning through playing myself and helping younger children enjoy the game. Hopefully in the near future I will progress through my coaching levels and can share some of my new skills encouraging younger pupils and especially girls to pick up a racket and play tennis.”


“Mark has helped me develop my game not only technically but also mentally. His attitude is always very positive so it makes tennis fun. Without his coaching my game wouldn’t have come on so well”